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23JanDeb's on Sales Chalk Talk

cheesy salesman.pngOver the past 10 years, the selling profession has changed radically. Sales is no longer a process of trying to talk people into doing what you want them to do, thank goodness. It’s a process now of having conversations, asking great questions, listening carefully and helping people do what THEY want to do.
Deb is a special guest on a new episode of Sales Chalk Talk with Hugh Liddle, a talk show podcast about sales, business, marketing, and success. She has been on the cutting edge of the massive changes in mindset and behavior in selling.

What you’ll hear on this show:
• What buyers are saying they want from sellers
• What kinds of changes in behavior you need to make as a salesperson to be successful in 2018
• And MUCH, MUCH more!
Learn more from Deb about how to excel in selling -- and share a bit of fun and laughter! You can listen now at
Deb’s website for the movement is

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