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13MarIn The Arena, Episode #106: How Truly Meaningful Sales Connections Happen Through Leadership

Every seller wants to have meaningful sales connections with their buyers, but it’s clear from the way sales is traditionally done that very few sellers really know how to pull it off. Deb Calvert has written a new book, “Stop Selling and Start Leading” that reveals many points of powerfully insightful data, taken from a study focused on the 30 primary characteristics of leadership. Her application of those characteristics to the sales process is not only ingenious, it also reveals what sellers are doing wrong, what buyers really want from those who are on the other side of the sales relationship, and how powerful selling can happen once sellers stop selling in begin leading. You don’t want to miss this conversation.

Buyers don’t believe the message until they first believe the messenger

Sales connections are about more than simply setting appointments and running through a sales presentation. It’s about building trust, a phrase we are hearing more and more these days. But do you really know what it means to build trust? More importantly, do you know how to build it?

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Editor's note: this post orginally appeared on The Sales Blog on March 9, 2018. 

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