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21JunThe Missing Ingredient in Sales Enablement

The Missing Ingredient in Sales Enablement

What's the ingredient missing in your sales enablement techniques? Deb Calvert of People First Productivity Solutions addresses it in her fresh new article at Quotable on

Here's a bite-sized snippet from the new article:

Despite the explosive growth and proven results, there’s little consensus on exactly what sales enablement is. Accent’s broad definition encompasses most efforts: “Sales enablement is the act of implementing strategies, tools, and processes that continually increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales ecosystem.”

Strategies, tools, and processes may include sales training and coaching, marketing assets, productivity metrics and systems, technology, artificial intelligence (AI), hiring and onboarding support, and more. In short, anything at all that enables sellers to sell more, better, and faster could be lumped in.

Despite all that, there’s still something missing from most sales enablement strategies ...

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