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20MarStop the Revolving Door of Sales Hiring

Editor's note: the post was originally published on March 14, 2018 on Sales Pop!

A simple blueprint for handoffs defines roles/responsibilities and strengthens sales hiring partnerships

In hiring front-line sellers, organizations may flounder and fail when sales
hiring practices are left up to a single department. Sales managers frequently take short cuts. Recruiters and HR business partners often miss the mark because it’s challenging for them to assess selling skills. When selection responsibilities reside with one or the other department, costly mistakes are made.

The best solution is a shared selection process. Working together expedites the process, deploys experts appropriately and yields higher caliber hires.

Without a shared selection process…

For a sales manager, it may seem like selecting sales reps on your own would be easier than using an elaborate system. But a shared selection process helps you to avoid problems like these:

  • Inability to come to terms with your top candidate because compensation expectations were not discussed upfront.
  • New hire is struggling. Questions and doubts surface regarding actual level of experience.
  • Top candidate accepts another job. Too much time elapsed between interview and offer.
  • Time constraints cause you to rush and settle for “good enough.”
  • Candidates apply but have an unfavorable impression of the job or company afterwards.
  • Your team is not diverse in thought, approach or ideas.
  • Reps have solid sales experience but aren’t performing at peak levels.

For a recruiter or HR business partner, it may seem like interviewing and selecting sales reps on your own would be faster than trying to work around a sales manager’s schedule. But a shared selection process is worth the extra effort because:

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