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07FebIndie Book Gains Recognition as One of Top Sales Books of All Time

Written and published by Deb Calvert, President of People First Productivity Solutions, this up-and-comer has created an upset in the top sales book rankings.

gI_62375_Deb-Calvert-DISCOVER-Questions-Small.pngPeople First Productivity Solutions is proud to announce the recognition of the book DISCOVER Questions® Get You Connected as one of HubSpot’s 20 Most Highly-Rated Sales Books of All Time.

What if you could close every sale? Statistically, yes, it’s impossible. But DISCOVER Questions® gets you closer to the dream and to your sales goals. Written by Deb Calvert and illustrated by Renee Calvert of People First Productivity Solutions, this young book has already made a major impact on the international sales community.

DISCOVER Questions® is lauded for its buyer research and “people first” approach to selling. It rejects traditional sales practices and provides a new framework for thoughtful, empathetic selling. As HubSpot’s Aja Frost states, this “[helps] prospects come to their own conclusions about your product's value.” Allowing them to form their own conclusions strengthens their loyalty to your solution.

DISCOVER Questions® Get You Connected is in good company on this list, also featuring:

-- Matthew Dixon & Brent Adamson - The Challenger Sale
-- Daniel Pink - To Sell Is Human
-- Brian Tracy - The Psychology of Selling
-- Zig Ziglar - Secrets of Closing the Sale
-- Robert Cialdini - Influence

HubSpot’s list of the 20 Most Highly-Rated Sales Books of All Time is curated from Amazon’s top-ranked best-sellers. HubSpot is the world’s leading inbound marketing and sales platform, recognized by Inc., Forbes, and Deloitte as one of the world’s fastest-growing companies.

People First Productivity Solutions offers training, coaching and consulting in sales productivity, leadership development and team effectiveness. Since 2006, PFPS has been helping companies boost productivity by putting people first. Prior to founding PFPS, Deb Calvert was a Corporate Training Director for a Fortune 500 Media Company. Book Deb at and find DISCOVER Questions® Get You Connected on Amazon.


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