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26DecVideo, product evangelists, and the death of cold emails: top sales trends for 2018


Editor's note: This article was originally posted on on October 13, 2017. asked a range of sales experts to predict the future and name their top sales trends for 2018.

Deb Calvert, author of Stop Selling & Start Leading and DISCOVER Questions Get You Connected

Sellers will take pride in the work they do to support and help buyers

“In 2018, tools, techs stacks, AI and sales hacks will continue to evolve and support sellers in new and exciting ways. But the pursuit of the latest/greatest enablement offerings will be balanced by a focus on sellers.

“The deluge in recent years of shiny new objects and automation has been distracting for sellers. Buyers are avoiding time with sellers because that time is low value. It’s low value because sellers have disproportionately focused on the internal systems and techniques they are asked to use.

“Sales organizations will become more selective in what they introduce and more protective of sellers’ time. They will, because the marketplace demands it, reallocate seller time to creating value and meaningful experiences for their buyers. Sales managers, likewise, will re-focus on coaching sellers to stop selling and start leading — using the behavioral blueprint that comes directly from research with buyers.

“The result of this focus will be seller ennoblement. Sellers will once again take pride in the work they do to genuinely support and help their buyers. They will be more effective in selling once they exhibit the leadership behaviors buyers desire. Sales will feel good again.

“Buyers, too, will be ennobled. They will feel valued and involved in the process of buying. They will participate in creating what they want as sellers respond to buyers instead of responding to internally-driven tools.”

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