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29MarConnecting With the Challenging Customer

Working effectively with purchasing, third parties and gatekeepers.

Your buyers have needs, and you can meet those needs with your solution. So what is causing those annoying continuances and stalls? Why can't we get this closed already?

Maybe, just maybe, there are some needs you haven't considered. Maybe it's time to take a step back and reconsider how you are interacting with the procurement department, purchasing agents, third party agencies, influencers and gatekeepers involved in this buy. Jill Harrington, president of SalesSHIFT, is here to help.

Harrington offers uncommon sense for sales teams seeing bigger, better, faster sales... She will help CONNECT! listeners accelerate sales by working with (not against!) the professional negotiators and buyers that are being consulted by the end user you're serving. Her expertise in improving corporate performance is driven by her core belief that

“Too many sales people, even entire sales organizations, work way too hard doing the wrong things for the wrong reasons. Your team may be stuck in a rut doing what they’ve always done, doing what your competitors do, or simply doing too much of what doesn’t work. The net result… You’re making it way too hard for your clients and potential clients to choose you!”

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