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Consider this New Year's Resolution: Do Less Managing and More Leading

To manage means "to handle" or to get work done through others.

To lead means "to guide" or to support others as they move to your direction.

In your organization, you can probably list numerous managers and supervisors. They have titles and appear higher up on the org chart. They have some authority. Everyone knows who they are.

But can you name just as many leaders? I don't mean "senior managers" but leaders, at any level, who truly guide others? They haven't been bestowed with the title of "leader" and don't have any authority. But, somehow, everyone knows who they are, too. The problem is, in most places, there are far fewer leaders than there are managers.

The differences between managers and leaders are profound. 25 differences are illustrated here to give you a contrasting picture of what it means to be a manager vs. what it means to be a leader.

So here's a New Year's, New You Challenge. Using this illustration as a self-assessment, what can you do to behave more frequently as a leader? That doesn't mean you'll stop being a manager. Instead, it means you will become more effective as a manager because leaders (unlike many managers) have willing and eager followers.

By behaving as a leader, you will inspire, challenge, enable and encourage people. As a guide, you'll Model the Way for your followers. We know from the 30+ years of global research by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner that leadership behaviors matter a great deal when it comes to employee engagement and business success.

So how about it? Are you up to the challenge? All you need to do is download this illustration, use it as a self-assessment, and make a choice to lead more often. All we're asking for is your name and e-mail address. Why? Only so we can occasionally send you more free tools and tips in 2016. There's no cost, obligation or hidden agenda.

Ready, set, LEAD!


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