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Use Common Sense In Selling: Are You a Credible Source?

We all have access to multiple sources of information. We filter that information as we see fit, sometimes selecting what fits our own bias and other times counting on the source that seems the most credible.

Buyers do this, too. If they are sufficiently confident in their own experience and knowledge about a product, they seek the source that provides exactly what they have predetermined will meet their needs.

However, earlier in the buying cycle, buyers look for credible sources. They may start with their peers, including the ones they depend on in their own networks and the anonymous ones who show up in social media reviews.

Typically, buyers dismiss sellers as credible sources. Why? Because sellers have an agenda. They also carry the stereotype of saying whatever it takes to make the sale.

Sellers may have to work through that stereotype and prove themselves as credible sources. They need to demonstrate subject matter expertise and three other qualities in order to do this.  Research tells us that a source we will accept as credible has these three characteristics. Sellers should intentionally work to demonstrate these characteristics of credibility.

Be Trustworthy: credible sources tell the truth. They are objective rather then self-serving. They foster trust by being other oriented and understanding the needs of their buyers.

Be Reliable: credible sources follow through and can be counted on to do what they say they will do. Over time, they demonstrate consistency and predictability others can rely on.

Be Dynamic: credible sources are confident and energetic. They are active, engaged and aim to stay noble so they can respond to the constantly evolving needs of their buyers.

Becoming a credible source ensures you will attract new business more easily and reduce buyer attrition. A self-assessment in these three characteristics will help you determine where some extra focus can shore up your credibility as a source of valuable information to your buyers.

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