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Improve Your Windshield Time with these 3 Sales Podcasts

Drive time. Mind-numbing and monotonous. The time between clients, on the road, eyes fixed on the road (right? not texting or e-mailing... because, you know, safety matters!).

Are you using it to your advantage?

Sellers who continually develop themselves are vigilant about carving out time to read books and blogs or to listen to audio books and podcasts. What better time to listen and learn than while you're driving? You'll not only sharpen your skills, you'll also get an extra measure of motivation and confidence walking into your next appointment.

Here are three podcasts to get you started. Each is hosted by a sales author or speaker who actively sells, trains sellers, and researches what's new or changing in sales. All three hosts challenge their guests and extract something new in each broadcast. What's more, they offer depth in the content they produce. Your time with these podcasts will be time well spent.

In no particular order, the three podcasts you'll want to be sure and check out:

The Brutal Truth about Sales & Selling with Brian Burns

Favorite Episodes: It's a popular one! In the 11/15/15 episode, Brian talked with our own Deb Calvert about the movement to Stop Selling & Start Leading. Scroll down from the main page for the 9/30/15 episode that will teach you how to ALWAYS get a call back. Or, if you'd like to hear Brian's Secret to Using Email to Generate New Business, the 10/21/15 episode will turn your drive time into lucrative learning!

Accelerate with Andy Paul: The Podcast to Accelerate Sales, Profit and Growth

Favorite Episodes from Accelerate: Check out Episode 25 if you'd like to learn more about the movement to Stop Selling & Start Leading! Episode 23 is a good one for Sales Managers as Mike Weinberg explains why "You Can't Run a Sales Organization when You're Buried in Crap." If you need a little nudge, listen to Episode 35 where Jeff Shore will challenge you to break your comfort addiction.

Sales Babble with Pat Helmers: Bonus - this one is indexed by topic so you can find exactly what you're looking for.

Favorite Episodes: It's a hot topic -- Episode 84 is about the movement to Stop Selling & Start Leading! You can join the movement today. Or how about Winning Over Customers by Building their Profist in Episode 13 featuring Bob Rickert? And if you've never heard her before, be sure to download the interview with Nancy Bleeke in Episode 68 where she talks about Conversations the Sell.

What other Sales Podcasts would you recommend? What other strategies do you have for making the most of your windshield time?



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