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Pushing Pause During the Pandemic

Here at People First Productivity Solutions, we're taking a break. 
The CONNECT2Lead and CONNECT2Sell Blogs and newsletters have published weekly posts since 2012. That's 8 years x 2 blog posts per week, every week (oh, and CONNECT2Win for Teams + CONNECT Radio used to be weekly, too!). On top of that, we appear on podcasts at least twice per month and release new webinars monthly, too... along with content tools like infographics, videos, job aids, eBooks, and more. 
All of this content is available online, and the links appear below.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, many thought leaders are releasing significantly more content. There have never been more articles, videos, webinars, virtual training workshops, and other easy-access options for learning and development. 
We decided to take a different approach. We're going to use this time to do some learning, reflecting, evaluating, and recharging of our own. We decided that it's okay to take a hiatus while we're sheltering in place. It's not the dream vacation we had in mind, but we're going to make the most of it! 
When we return in a few weeks, we'll be bringing fresh, new ideas. We'll be relevant during the recovery, rather than reacting now when so much is still uncertain. In the meantime, please access evergreen resources like the ones listed below. We appreciate your understanding and wish you and yours all the best during these troubling times. 
Resources from People First Productivity Solutions:
DISCOVER Questions E-Learning
Global Gurus
Sales Pro Central

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