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29Nov2018 Sales Kickoff Meeting Tips to Generate Long-Term Results

0172 - High 5.pngOnly 19% of buyers consider time with sellers to be valuable.

That's why buyers won't engage earlier and fail to recognize what your sellers bring to the table.

The New Year means a chance to start fresh. It means a chance to get your sellers pumped to create value for buyers and make extraordinary sales. It means you’re trying to plan the most high-impact sales kickoff meeting possible, so you can launch your sales team to new heights.

Fire up my sellers with Stop Selling & Start Leading!

Why Do We Have Sales Kickoff Meetings?

According to Phil Harrell, chief revenue officer at Firecracker Inc.,

"Kickoffs are all about excitement. You want to get people to run out of that kickoff and get back on the phone and in front of customers because they're so fired up."

Done right, sales kickoff meetings can light a fire in your sellers that lasts the whole year (or even longer). 

5 Sales Kickoff Meeting Tips to Create Long-Term Value in 2018 (And Beyond!)

  1.  Sellers need to feel confident and take pride in their role. They want to leave that meeting with renewed confidence, swagger, and clarity about the value they bring to buyers. Your speaker should provide advice sellers can implement as soon as they leave the meeting - advice that makes them feel good about the noble profession of selling!

  2.  Choose a speaker who directly engages your sellers with personal interaction and a customized presentation. Interactive learning may be 2-3 times more memorable than lecture-style seminars.

  3.  Provide reinforcement materials to keep the spirit of the kickoff meeting alive after the excitement wears off. Some events come with books, webinars and other training resources that match the theme of the original event.

  4.  Facilitate cross-team collaboration & socialization. While individual teams may perform well within your organization, the true test of company success is whether all teams can come together to produce results. That means your sales team needs to have confidence in other departments, and vice versa.

  5. Refresh morale and motivation with new ideas and entertaining delivery. Sellers dread having more-of-the-same, heard-it-before, go-team-go rehash to start the new year.

Book your speaker today!

To start strong in 2018, select a speaker who can provide the initial momentum. Sales speakers are already booking for annual kickoff meetings - contact yours ASAP to get your pick of dates and times.

Start 2018 strong with a PROVEN behavioral blueprint.

My kickoff presentation for 2018 includes a behavioral blueprint based on research with buyers. It's proven to open and close more sales. You've probably heard about the movement to Stop Selling & Start Leading®, but did you know there's a new book, too? I'll package books and a presentation together for your team if you schedule your slot by December 31.  

Learn more about the topic here. Then, book time with me to discuss personalizing this event for your sellers!

Fire up my sellers with Stop Selling & Start Leading!


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