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21JanUse Common Sense In Selling: Tell the Truth

On a 4-legged sales call last week, I witnessed a seller tell a blatant lie to a buyer. The buyer knew the seller was lying, and the buyer shut down immediately after the lie was told.

While debriefing the call with the seller, I asked about her rationale for saying what she did. Her response was one I'd heard before. She said "buyers lie to sellers so what do they expect in return?" She also said that, for her, making the sale was more important than telling the truth.

So, of course, I had to ask her: "how did that work out for you?" Eventually, she acknowledged that the lie prevented the sale and makes it impossible for her to get back in front of the buyer in the future. With a little more coaxing, she also realized how this affects her company's image and job satisfaction. Several days later, she also volunteered that lying to customers makes her feel bad about herself, too.

Lying to make a sale is not necessary. It should never happen. It's not worth it. And it doesn't even work, at least not in the long term once the lie is exposed.

As a seller, nothing is more important than your integrity. Protect it even to the point of choosing integrity over making a quick and dirty sale.

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