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28AugThe Top 5 (or 6 or 12) Things I’m Looking Forward to at #INBOUND17

I'll look for any justification to buy a new outfit. Going to #INBOUND17 gives me the perfect opportunity to buy something cute. … Something cute that's also orange!

Turns out that’s not so easy to do. Orange may be the new black, but it’s just not on that many racks this season. And I look kind of pumpkin-y in the one dress I found. So I'm two months into the search, and I'm still searching.

My quest however, to find great speakers at #INBOUND17 is a lot easier. I'm super amped up to see five (make it six …) in particular. Here’s my list of can’t miss, can’t wait presenters I’ll be registering to see.

1. Carole Mahoney 

I like science. I like research. I like when things are predictable and easy to understand. That's why Carole Mahoney’s session on “The Science of Sales Development” is right at the top of my list. Carole consistently delivers interesting and compelling content, so I know this one will have me on the edge of my seat, furiously taking lots of notes.

2. Lori Richardson 

And then there's Lori Richardson’s session, the one called “The Glorious Hidden Career – Yes, Sales!” Lori knows a thing or two about sales careers. As the leader of Women Sales Pros, Lori talks to lots of people about sales careers and how to be successful in them. This noble, exciting (and glorious!) career is one that's under-appreciated, even by the people in it. Lori is on a mission to change that, and I'm certain that every person who attends will feel transformed by the time they spend with her.

3. Keenan

For a dose of energy and motivation, I'll be front and center at Keenan’s session. I never miss his onstage time when we’re in the same place! It's called “Grow Your Sales Revenue Through Sales Coaching.” I'm a sales coach, so I know firsthand just how much impact quality coaching can make. I figure this is a session I could easily conduct … except for one thing: I'm not Keenan! He's guaranteed to bring some new insights and to breathe some new life into a topic that I'm passionate about. I wouldn't miss this one for the world!

4. Viveka von Rosen

There's no way I could leave off Viveka von Rosen's session about creating explosive success with content marketing on LinkedIn. Who doesn't need more of that these days? Viveka is a bona fide expert when it comes to LinkedIn, and her webinars on The Sales Experts Channel always get lots of attention and positive reviews. Seeing her live and in person is going to be a real treat for me!

5. Trish Bertuzzi

Trish Bertuzzi speaks directly to executives. She’ll present “Account Based Revenue: an Executive-Level Love Story.” If you've ever met Trish, you already know how she paints pictures with her words and inspires people with her warmth and authenticity. If you're an executive or anyone who is charged with growing revenue, this is a session you won't want to miss. I’ll be there to bring some of Trish’s wisdom to my executive coaching clients.

 6. Dan Tyre

Couldn’t do it. Five was too few! Dan Tyre’s session will be about how to transition your sales organization to inbound sales. Transition isn't easy, and inbound sales isn't what so many think it is. So I'm curious to see how he puts this all together. I follow his blog posts and learn something from him every single time I read one. I'm more than a little geeking out to see someone I follow live and in person.

What else am I looking forward to? Just about everything! I go to a lot of conferences, and most are humdrum when it comes to the exhibitors and the partners and the keynote speakers and the networking …

But #INBOUND17 promises to be truly special in all these regards. Come on -- Michelle Obama? Judd Apatow? Brene Brown? HubSpot partners like protocol 80? Networking with 20,000 other users of HubSpot? I have so much to learn, and this is going to be an epic experience. I like to teach, but I really love to learn. Although I'm going to be speaking at Inbound, this is a rare exception where being onstage is, for me, not nearly as exciting as being in the audience. I hope that you and I will get a chance to meet, too. If you know anything about HubSpot sales, inbound marketing, or fun places to hang out in Boston, I want to meet you and pick your brain!

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