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Learning Team Development: What is Effective Teamwork?

What is effective teamwork that sets the foundation for a successful team?

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“Welcome everybody to AT&T park, the home of your San Francisco Giants! “ As a loyal fan to my baseball team, I have watched many games in which San Francisco Giants have demonstrated to be a highly effective team. The 2010, 2012 and 2014 World Series Champions possess some of the following characteristics:

What is Effective Teamwork: EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP!

As a fan, I understand that each player has their own individual talent. However, when the talent of the whole organization comes together, that’s when you accomplish every team’s vision, it makes it possible to win the World Series! For example, the San Francisco Giants have done exactly that. While the team has exceptional pitchers, outfielders and unique coaches, they all understand that Leadership means having to draw on each other’s talents to win more games than not. Additionally, each team member needs to help set the tone for each game and embody the team culture through, continuous encouragement. Every team member understands that they, at some point, throughout the game need to lead and guide each other to accomplish their goal and become the next World Series Champion.

What is Effective Teamwork: EFFECTIVE RELATIONSHIPS!

No team has ever been successful by developing ineffective relationships with teammates or coaches. More specifically, being an effective team means developing relationships that help members get to know each other’s weaknesses and strengths. By doing so, the team creates an environment of trust and respect, which leads to successful performance out on the field. Many teams in the MLB have exceptional pitchers and catchers but what makes a successful team is the ability to create meaningful relationships, develop strong game plans as a team based on each other’s skills and execute such in every single game.  One must understand that if the nine effective players  can’t rely on each other; then winning isn't an option.

What is Effective Teamwork: EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION!

Communication is key to the success of the team, especially an effective one. While out in the field, there is minimum communication with each of the players, the majority happens beforehand. At the beginning of each baseball season members have a clear understanding on what is expected from them. Thus, coaches, team members and even fans, all understand that in order for the team to win, there needs to be a clear understanding of the team objectives, goals and plays to be successful. The information is effectively relayed through their mission, vision and practiced during spring training, every batting and pitching practice and even outside of baseball games. Effective communication is most apparent at every at every game for the San Francisco Giants. Everyone understanding how they contribute towards the success of the team and the organization as an overall.

The San Francisco Giants are such an influential team within the MLB. Why, you may ask? They are the team in the MLB with most Hall of Famers and franchise with the most wins in the MLB history. How does that happen? Through leadership, relationships and constant communication.

Myriam Nunez in an HR Practitioner in the San Mateo, Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties. With an educational background in Human Resources and a Masters in Adult Education with an emphasis in Career Development, Myriam provides exceptional HR solutions to all of her partners in areas such as; HR Strategy, Talent Management, Employee Relations, Compensation and Benefits. Currently, Myriam is in the process pursuing her post -doctoral degree in Organizational Behavior. During her spare time, she enjoys being outdoors, photography and of course, sports. She is a fan of the San Francisco Giants!

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