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5 Steps to Competitive Differentiation - Part 5

Making a change -- any change -- seems risky to most people. The uncertainties and unknowns make even positive change feel stressful.

That's why your rock solid proposals don't always convince your buyers to go along with the changes you're suggesting. Even when you show benefits or cost savings, some buyers will choose to stay with the status quo.

To venture outside of their comfort zones, buyers may need some encouragement.

Picture1To encourage someone means to pour courage into them.

Leaders encourage others by praise the work they do and the decisions they make. They let people know they have confidence in them. They show appreciation and support. Sellers seldom think about the importance of doing this for their buyers.

But you can close more sales when you stop selling and start leading.

One of the practices demonstrated by Exemplary Leaders is that they Encourage the Heart. By doing so, they engage their followers. They pour in courage that bolsters confidence and provides the extra measure needed to make a change. They create "feel good" moments that carry over when confidence wanes. They celebrate, praise and recognize in meaningful ways that reinforce decisions made and actions taken.

How are you pouring courage into your buyers? If price reductions, features/benefits rationale, value propositions and other selling tools and techniques aren't working for you, then stop selling and start leading.

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