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Dignifying Others: In Troubling Times, a Reminder for Every Leader

March-dignifying others

In 2014, we invited people around the world to contribute a guest post about the topic "Dignifying Others."

We selected 31 posts from authors, pastors, teachers, CEOs, parents and others. Each one was thought-provoking, heart-warming or awe-inspiring. Collectively, they poignantly defined what it means to simply honor and ennoble others.

This is what leaders do. They dignify others and, in turn, ennoble and enable them to reach new heights.

In troubling times, this is what we need from our leaders and from each other: to dignify and to be dignified.

This series is worth a read. It's worth a pass-along. And it's worth some commitment. What would it be like if we all worked just a little bit harder to dignify others?

If you'd like to read or share the series, you can find it here. In exchange, we're asking for your name and e-mail address. Why? So we can share similar content in 2016. In fact, we'd welcome your contributions to our upcoming series on Enabling & Ennobling People. Let us know if you would like to submit a post for consideration.

In the meantime, thank you for YOU.

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