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Leaders Let Others Lead

On a recent family road trip, the perfect opportunity emerged for a leadership lesson.

We were in two vehicles, transporting our adult daughter's car and possessions to her new home 1000 miles away. Our little caravan was striking out on the second day of our adventure.

Because we stayed in a hotel some distance off the highway, getting back on the main thoroughfare was a complicated series of exits. The rush hour traffic, construction and detour further exacerbated the confusion.

Our parental urge was to jump out in front and lead the way. But we decided instead to hang back and follow our daughter as she drove the lead car.

It soon became apparent that she expected us to pass her and take the lead. She slowed down a few times, made room for us to pass, and did not immediately embrace the role of lead driver.

We continued to hang back, figuring if we got lost then at least we'd all be lost together. But she navigated the route just fine, and we were soon on our way north on I-5.

As parents, we still have work to do on letting go and giving our teen and adult children opportunities to lead. It's little moments like that one where those opportunities are most frequent and most meaningful.

The same is true in the workplace. To let others lead, you simply need to follow.

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