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Leadership Effectiveness Isn't One-Size-Fits-All

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One-size-fits-all is not valid for advising, teaching, mentoring, or coaching others. One-size-fits-all is not the right way to accept others' advice or counsel to you. Instead, leadership effectiveness is achieved through personalization.

I worry when people follow experts and thought leaders and knowledgeable subject matter experts who speak in ways that make it sound like their opinions and advice are for everyone. It's dangerous to give far-reaching, anonymous advice on topics that are narrow or topics that require situational or contextual understanding.

Leadership Effectiveness Role Models

As a leader it's up to you to filter the information that you receive. It's your job to discern what you're hearing so that you can calibrate it to your own experiences.

As a leader, you should be choosing relevant versus dynamic thought leaders to follow. Leadership, for every one of us, includes introspection before application. Dogmatic adoption of anyone's ideas is dangerous. It impairs our own credibility when we stop thinking for ourselves.

Be selective in who you follow, and don't expect others to follow you without also being introspective and thoughtful about the way they filter and apply information.

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