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Workplace Connections Matter So Check this Out!

Big news for the CONNECT Community!

We're proud to introduce you to our new weekly blog for strengthening and celebrating workplace connections. It's


CONNECT2Lead from People First Productivity Solutions. Look for this new blog about workplace connections every Friday beginning February 19.

Why this? Why now?

You asked for it, you got it! The CONNECT2Lead Blog has been working overtime for the past few years, covering leadership at every level PLUS how to contribute as a team member. The posts about workplace connections, team harmony, how to become more effective as team, improving joint decision-making, and so on... well, they're among our top-rated and often generated requests for more of the same. We figured it was about time to cover this important topic. As a company that's committed to "building organizational strength by putting people first," we feel strongly about teams and this is how we decided to support the people who work on them.

Who is the new blog for?

This is the blog for everyone who works with anyone. CONNECT2Win is for real people and addresses real challenges you experience in the workplace. We'll dig deeper than the platitudes... After all, saying "there's no 'I' in team" doesn't really cut it, does it? Every individual is an "I" and no one is (or should be) that selfless.

What is this new blog about?

It's all about connecting as a team so you can win as a team. It's about the issues, challenges and eye-rolling stuff you deal with on teams every day. It's not a rah rah, go team regurgitation of those motivational posters in the break room. Nope. CONNECT2Win is practical and provides real examples so you can get real perspective and support. Why? Simply because the only way to be effective as a team is to get connected as a team. And that's not always easy.

We'll tackle topics like these:

  • Just what the heck is "team effectiveness" any way?
  • How can I contribute to my team?
  • Tips for surviving on cross-functional teams
  • Conflict resolution (and, btw, "healthy conflict..." Really?)
  • Collaboration -- and what to do when collaboration takes too long
  • Trade offs, hand offs, and brush offs
  • How to improve team communication (you knew this one would show up!)
  • How to get your ideas across to a team
  • Making the most of team meetings
  • What to do if you prefer to work alone (but are expected to work with a team)

What can I expect from this blog?

You can expect to be challenged as an individual contributor, stretched as a leader, and inspired as a team. Look for tips, techniques and tactics to improve your team and your own contribution to the team. Count on lots of "people first" prescriptions, founded in research and backed by others' success stories.


The CONNECT2Win Blog has been discontinued. The CONNECT2Lead Blog continues, and you'll find free and affordable resources for team on People First Leadership Academy