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Yes, a B2B Sales Experience Can Be Euphoric for Your Buyer

b2b sales experienceBuyers are looking for a BSB sales experience that's different. They’re looking for much more than a transaction. They're looking for an experience that is rich and meaningful and includes an opportunity for them to contribute ... to take from the experience what's going to be useful for them. It needs to be relevant, and it needs to be something that involves an element of the unexpected.

Buyers can't exactly articulate what they're looking for, but they know it when they see it. When they describe the experience, it exceeds their expectations. It gives them something unexpected, and it even triggers a sense of euphoria that’s measurable in the brain.

Your B2B Sales Experience Can Deliver Euphoria

Euphoria. That might sound a little odd when you think about B2B selling, but it’s not really. It's no different than that thing we call “retail therapy.” As buyers, we get excited when we find something that meets our needs. We get engaged when we participate in finding something and making it our own.

That's euphoria. It feels good to find solutions to our problems. It feels great to contribute in some way -- some meaningful way -- to capturing what we've been looking for.

As a seller you can create euphoric responses in your buyers, but you can't do it by going into a transaction. You can't do it by following the sales process as if you're some sort of a robot. You've got to be able to connect, human-to-human, to create a meaningful experience for your buyers.

You might even think of it this way: You're going to meet someone where they are and work with them, together, to make sure their needs are met ... including their emotional needs for this sense of fulfillment.

Entering a buyer/seller relationship with an intent to get them where they want to be -- including this euphoric response in the brain that only comes from a positive experience with you, the seller -- well, that actually creates value. it differentiates you from other sellers, and it makes you a leader, something more than a seller conducting a transaction.

More Revelations About Buyer Preferences

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