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Be Sure to Close Your Sale with Sincere Thanks

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving season, as you're pausing to take stock of the many blessings in your life, don't forget this one.

Are you grateful for your clients? For the time they give you, the loyalty they've shown, the referrals they've made to you, and the second chances they've given you? Does your "attitude of gratitude" extend to even your most challenging buyers, the ones who help you pay the bills but really make you work for it?

Because it's work, you may be clinical about the value exchange you transact with your customers. You sold. They bought. Mutual benefit. End of story.

But is it?

As a seller, you may hope (or even expect) that your buyers will appreciate all you've done for them. But in an age of empowered buyers, don't overlook that buyers may be expecting your acknowledgement and appreciation, too. They had other options, and they picked you.

Do you say "thank you" when you close a sale? Do you convey sincere appreciation and gratitude? Do your buyers know that their business means a lot to you? That you don't take it for granted?

If it's not your habit already, work on thanking your buyers with the close of every sale. Don't assume they know that you are grateful. Tell them. Close the sale with sincere thanks. Those words will never be wasted.

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