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Leaders: Are You Dreaming Alone?

John Lennon said it best. "A dream you dream is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality."

Maybe you've known leaders who fall into this trap. They have wonderful ideas, hopes and aspirations. They just can't seem to turn those dreams into reality.

Why not? Usually because they are trying to go it alone. They conjure their own ideas and then have a hard time enlisting others' support (or understanding). They can't let go of the tight hold they have on their own idea, fearful that someone else might change it or encroach upon it. They prioritize ownership of the dream over sharing a co-created reality.

It's a rare situation when others can invest completely in someone else's ideas and dreams. People who don't feel like they're part of something generally hold back. They may do what they're instructed to do, but they will do so without the level of passion or commitment required for bringing dreams to life.

Effective leaders learn how to collaborate in creating shared dreams. They understand that the sum total will always be better than any single part. They can set aside their own egos in order to invite others' ideas and ennoble others' passions.

What are you doing with your dreams? How are you expanding them to become more inclusive so they can, ultimately, become reality?

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