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The Toilet Story: a Lesson in Listening

Nick is the best seller I've ever encountered. When I met him, I didn't intend to buy anything at all. By the time he got through with me, I'd spent a lot of money with him. And I've never regretted doing so.

I met Nick when I walked into his upscale fixtures store. We had just begun a top-to-bottom home remodeling project. I went into his show room to get some ideas. My intention was to get inspired and then to go to Home Depot for the more affordable versions of what he was selling.

I'm a pretty savvy shopper. And I'm immune to sales tactics and techniques. Nick didn't win me over with any manipulative mumbo-jumbo. Instead, he disarmed me by really, truly listening to me.

Nick heard me when I said I missed living in a house where the girls were in the majority. My two older daughters had moved out, and it was now just me, my husband and my son. The balance of power, especially in the bathroom, had shifted.

Toilet seats were no longer being left in the down position. And my mornings were frequently starting with a rude awakening when, half-asleep, I got a jolt from the cold toilet seat or, worse yet, no toilet seat at all.

Nick got me talking by asking a few good questions, and then he listened to my lamentations. He didn't try to sell me anything at all right away. Instead, he let me sell myself. I talked myself into really wanting a solution to this particular problem.

At the time, I had zero awareness that there even was a potential solution. But when Nick introduced me to the Toto toilet with a seat that automatically went down and a warmer set to a timer, I was a goner.

It had plenty of other bells and whistles, too. These were features I never knew existed and I'd never imagine myself indulging in. By the time we talked about price, it didn't matter.

Nick became a full partner in our bathroom and kitchen remodels. He was an extraordinary listener. He helped us find exactly what we wanted and completely changed our minds about looking for lower-priced substitutions.

That was seven years ago. I enjoy my home, and I especially enjoy all the indulgent extras that Nick introduced me to.

He made this sale because he took the time to listen to me in a way that few other sellers ever have.

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