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The Surprising Reason Your Buyers Might Think You Play Favorites

Each week on CONNECT2Sell, we've been examining the 12 Dimensions of Trust, and the different ways they can help or hinder sellers in establishing relationships with their buyers. Each dimension represents a  way that a sellers can either connect or disconnect with their buyers.dimensions of trustFairness

“Seller does not exhibit favoritism” means a seller will not make assumptions about one buyer based on the information gathered from another buyer. Giving each individual buyer an opportunity to describe his or her own wants, needs and interests builds trust by making him or her feel special. Additionally, this unique information enables the seller to provide more relevant solutions to each and every buyer.

To uncover the unique needs, wants and interests of each individual buyer necessitates asking quality questions yielding actionable information. Instead of clustering her buyers by age, income and marital status like her predecessor had, one sales agent for a retirement living community decided to “start from scratch” with each prospect. Even though the demographic profile was an accurate predictor for placement, this agent’s close rate was significantly higher. Why?

cover for site 2015Because buyers felt, as one said, “We were treated here like people, not like old people being herded all together but like individual people who are unique and special.”

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