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Workplace Teamwork Examples: 5 Skills to an Effective Office Team

Do you practice these workplace teamwork skills?

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We recently completed an employee engagement survey for a hi-tech client.  After evaluating the survey results, five key findings surfaced.

First of all, the respondents indicated that they wanted more transparency from the leadership team. Additionally, they needed more timely decisions. The respondents also indicated that they were looking for more responsibility, an improvement in communication and, finally, a work environment that is more engaging and team oriented.

Workplace Teamwork Examples: 5 Skills to an Effective Office Team

Workplace Teamwork Skills: #1 - Transparency

The survey respondents indicated that the leadership team needed to be more transparent and open with the employees. A business is a reflection of the leaders of the organization. If the leaders ensure transparency, the team will mirror this value.

Honesty was determined to be a key value of the company. If the team incorporates this value more consistently, our results are more effective. Furthermore, we will produce an effective, better functioning office team that trusts and believes in the executives. 

Workplace Teamwork Skills: #2 - Timely Decisions

Good leaders are creative, innovative, flexible and decisive. However, decisions-makers may be forced at times to deviate from the set course. As a result, they make a decisions without all of the information. During these critical situations that the workplace team will need to look for guidance, evaluate the data and reach a decision that is the best given the available data.

The survey respondents indicated that the decision making process was often too protracted. In addition, the leaders were afraid of making decisions and were risk adverse. Some risk is acceptable and the respondents, including the leaders of the company, determined that decisions needed to be more timely even if the information was incomplete.

Workplace Teamwork Skills: #3 - Ability to Delegate

Trusting the team and learning to delegate to subordinates are important signs of strength, not weakness. Delegating tasks to department managers and individual contributors is one of the most important skills a leader needs to have. The key to delegation is identifying the strengths of the team, and capitalizing on those strengths and hold each team member accountable for their decisions. Moreover, this will prove to your team that as a leader you trust and believe in them and are fair.

The survey results indicated that the respondents wanted to have more responsibility and management needed to learn to delegate more, provided that decision-making parameters were established and properly communicated.

Workplace Teamwork Skills: #4 - Being a Good Communicator

Being a good communicator is critical to all leaders in a growing organization. More specifically, knowing what you want accomplished and explaining the company’s vision for the future to the team are extremely important.

The survey results indicated that the leaders lacked the ability to communicate the vision and strategy. Unfortunately, the healthy lines of communication were also determined to be poor. The respondents requested that management establish an all-hands meeting, newsletters, webinars and state-of-the-company presentations to improve communication.

Communication includes walking around and creating an open door policy. Additionally, making it a point to talk to the employees on a daily basis was determined to build trust and keep the leaders in the loop is necessary. Finally, the results also indicated that the company executives need to make themselves available to discuss the strategic as well as tactical issues.

Workplace Teamwork Skills: #5 - Having a Sense of Humor

The respondents spend so much time at work. Therefore, the survey results indicated that they want to be a part of a company that can “work-hard and play-hard”.

Challenges happen all the time in business. Guiding the team through any challenges without panicking and with a sense of purpose is as important as tackling the underlining reasons why a particular event occurred.

Furthermore, it was determined that having a sense of humor will pay off as it will allow the team to laugh at the mistakes and learn from them. Good leaders are successful in building an effective workplace team. They encourage healthy discussions and learning from the daily business challenges.

In Conclusion - Is Your Office Team Truly Effective?

The employee survey results were communicated to the employees and action plans were developed and are currently being implemented. The leaders of the company made a commitment to ensure transparency in the process, be inclusive and maintain on-going communication. Also, the leaders agreed to establish accountability measures for improvement by evaluating the progress made over the next survey cycle. This initiative was truly a team effort regardless of level in the organization.

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Richard A. Sherwood, SPHR. Rick is a Managing Partner at Innovative HR Solutions, a management consulting firm specializing in the design, development and implementation of Internet-based employee opinion surveys. He is a facilitator for organizational change and has improved the productivity and financial results for numerous organizations. Prior to forming Innovative HR Solutions, Rick was the Director of Human Resources for Stanford University Bookstore, MediaCopy Corporation and West Coast Beauty Supply Co. Rick is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management and the Professionals in Human Resources Association where he served as the District Chair.  www.innovative-hrsolutions.com

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