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Want to Inspire Your Buyer? Start by Building Credibility

We have to believe in the messenger before we will believe the message.

The difference between fast-talking, slick sellers and those who are successful over the long term often boils down to simple credibility. While some buyers may be won over by a charismatic pitch, most are more discerning. Making and keeping the sale requires a seller to be believable, trustworthy and able to inspire confidence.

From the Latin credibilis, worthy to be believed, credibility means that others will put their faith in you. They will give you credit for meaning what you say. They will expect you to deliver on your promises.

Credibility is demonstrated by your actions. It must be built over time.

And that's where so many sellers fall short. They appear to be credible because they are knowledge and talk a good game. But they fail to back their words up with actions. They don't follow through... sometimes because they said whatever it would take to make the sale and there's simply no way they can live up to the exaggerated claims they made.

It doesn't take much to lose your credibility. One broken promise, one over-stated claim, one minor breach of a buyer's trust... That's all it takes for your credibility to be damaged.

It does take a lot to build credibility. Sellers start from a deficit position, hindered by the negative stereotypes of sellers and by buyers' initial cautiousness. You have to  prove yourself over and over again to build credibility. The little things like keeping appointments and meeting deadlines count a lot in building early credibility. Telling the truth, acknowledging your limitations, and showing an ability to understand your buyer's needs will also boost your credibility.

Once you've established credibility, you have to work to keep it. It's essential in every relationship and especially important for a seller. Why? Because you cannot do your job if people don't believe you and see you as someone they can put their faith in for the long-term.

Only after you've established, built and maintained credibility -- only then --  will you have the ability to inspire your buyer. And this is a very big deal. You need to be able to inspire buyers. Come back to CONNECT2Sell next week to read why inspiring your buyer is more effective than selling or persuading your buyer.

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