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What Happens When You Don't Involve Your Buyers in Decisions

There are 12 ways that sellers can build or erode trust with their buyers, and on CONNECT2Sell we've been analyzing each one of those ways, represented by the 12 Dimensions of Trust. Knowing all of the 12 Dimensions of trust can empower a seller to build strong connections founded in trust.

dimensions of trust in the decision making processThe Decision Making Process

“Seller involves others in decision-making process” happens when a seller is transparent and shares with the buyer what steps will be happening behind the scenes. One seller paid attention when an apprehensive buyer applied for a line of credit. The seller asked questions to understand the buyer’s reservations. This led to a thorough explanation of the screening process and the seller facilitating a call between the buyer and the credit manager.

When the credit application was denied, the buyer understood why and expressed appreciation for the openness the seller exhibited. The buyer contrasted this to other sellers who divorced themselves from the process and refused to get involved, making it seem they didn’t really care.

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