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Don't Let This Mistake Derail Your Leadership Development Strategy

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Leaders don't indulge in counterproductive negative talk. They put a stop to it when someone comes in to their office and closes the door and starts to unload.

Leaders put a stop to the conversation. They know that gossiping is going to be divisive. They know that excuse-making is going to be counterproductive, that it's not going to get any of the work done. They know that some people like to stir the pot, to take the focus off themselves, to make excuses, or to externalize blame.

Your Leadership Development Strategy Focuses on the Future

Cy Wakeman, noted author, calls this "getting in the BMW." Leaders do not ride in that car. BMW stands for "bitching, moaning and whining." And all of those activities are completely contrary to getting work done, to building for the future.

Leaders don't represent themselves as a voice of the people, either. They don't listen to the BMW talk and then carry it to others in the organization. Leaders empower people to speak for themselves. Leaders have a voice of their own, and they form conclusions based on their own observations. They look continually at the big picture needs instead of looking at the granular things that are happening in
the here and now.

Leaders challenge themselves and others to be proactive problem solvers within their own sphere of influence. Leaders build people by building on what's positive. They look for the opportunity in any situation, and they look constantly for the potential in people. They model this positive outlook and this productive focus for others. They don't spend time building themselves up as a champion or an advocate or a populist. They position themselves as people builders.

Add to Your Supervisory Skill Set

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