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How to Make Buyers Feel Special: It's Easy!

Think about your own preferences as a buyer. This alone will give you some ideas about how to make buyers feel special.

Why spend time thinking about how to make buyers feel special? Because we all buy from sellers who respect our time, the ones who don’t waste a single minute on irrelevant pitches, mundane questions or rework. We appreciate when sellers are efficient, coming to meetings on time, prepared and fully engaged.

This doesn’t mean buyers expect sellers to race through the agenda or to “take just a minute of your time” (as so many sellers promise when they book an appointment).

What buyers want is to invest the right amount of time to get the value they need. If, within the allotted time, a seller also creates more value, the buyer feels the return on the time invested is even greater. Sellers make buyers feel special when they respect their time and work to create value in the time they spend together. cover for site 2015

Creating value could be succinctly defined as taking the extra steps needed to let a buyer know he or she is appreciated.

10 Ways to Make Buyers Feel Special

Some of the specific ways buyers report sellers have made them feel appreciated or special include:

  • The seller took an extra measure of care to check a detail, make a call or follow through on something I was concerned about.
  • The seller anticipated my needs, responding with ideas or asking questions I hadn’t even thought of yet.
  • The seller asked me about when and how to communicate with me and abides by the preferences I outlined.
  • The seller took the time to explain how I could use her products and taught me about best practices in businesses like mine.
  • The seller gave me advance notice about deadlines so I wouldn’t have to make decisions at the last minute.
  • The seller booked meetings directly on my Outlook calendar for me which was a big help because I was in between assistants.
  • The seller tracked data and ran analysis for me so we could adjust order volume based on the early trend lines.
  • The seller introduced me to someone and networked on my behalf to help me get a firmer foothold in the industry.
  • The seller spoke my language and understood my business. We talked about what mattered most to me.
  • The seller sent me articles and information pertinent to my business.

This is all easy to do! None of these examples take much time. Every one of these examples creates new value in the buyer’s mind. Each of these seller’s actions builds trust and loyalty. Asking quality questions pinpoints buyer priorities so sellers can create value.

You can make buyers feel special by doing any (or all!) of these simple things. To get even more ideas, be sure to read the bestseller packed with buyer research: DISCOVER Questions® Get You Connected. 

The CONNECT2Sell Blog has been discontinued as our focus has shifted to leadership at every level. Research with buyers demonstrates that buyers respond favorably when sellers show up as leaders. If you'd like to step into your full potential as a leader (and boost sales!), take a look at our free and affordable courses on