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10 Reasons Why I'm about to Leave You

Sales professionals, you know I love you. But there are some things you do that really irritate me when I am your buyer. You upset me when you do these things because I know you're better than that.

I want to give you the benefit of the doubt, hold onto the hope that you just slipped a little bit. I don't want to believe these irritating little things you do are habitual. I want to think, instead, that you just forgot momentarily.

But then you go and do it again. My patience wears thin. Pretty soon, I have to conclude you're just like all the rest.

Don't you realize what a turn-off it is when you do these things? You'd feel the same way if someone treated you like this. Can't you see that your own behaviors are standing between you and the relationship you want with buyers?

That's right. I'm talking to you if any of these 10 behaviors are yours:

1. You don't bring me flowers anymore.

At the beginning, you always knew how to make me smile. Those little gifts showed thoughtfulness and meant the world to me and made you stand out above all the others. But it's been a while. The only time you bring me flowers now is when you have something to apologize for.

2. There's no foreplay.

Every time we get together, you're ready to get right down to business. I'm not. Especially when it's been weeks since we last connected. I'd like to take things slow, but you're always in such a hurry. It leaves me feeling kind of used.

3. You're always too busy for me.

At the beginning, you were so attentive. I felt I could really count on you to be there for me. But now it takes days to hear back from you, and it seems you have other priorities.

4. You never call when you say you will.

When you tell me you're going to stop by or call, I look forward to our time together. But you've stood me up a few times, and you've been late on lots of occasions, too. The least you could do if you can't keep our appointments is to let me know in advance so I can make other plans.

5. You don't listen to what I say.

You always want to rush right to a solution. Sometimes I need to be heard. You think you know me, and you act like you know what I need. But you don't. The least you could do is listen to what I have to say. Or is that too much to ask?

6. You haven't been completely honest with me.

I let those first little white lies go by without commenting on them. But every time you miss an appointment or tell me someone else is to blame for a mistake, I'm realizing more and more that you aren't being completely honest with me. I'm just not sure if I can trust you anymore.

7. I know there's someone else.

When we're together and your attention is on your cell phone or on your next appointment, you're not fooling me. I know you're seeing someone else. You're hardly discreet. You act as if you're entitled to other relationships, but I'm not.

8. You're taking me for granted.

You think I'll always be here for you. I can't even remember the last time you said "thank you." You think that I will just keep doing exactly what I've been doing. Why should I?

9. You didn't even notice.

I've made a few changes, and I'm proud of them. I was excited to hear your reaction and eager to share the details with you. What a letdown it was when you didn't even notice the changes.

10. There's no more spark.

As your buyer, I'm just not feeling it anymore. There are so many other attractive suitors calling on me... I think it's time I moved on and found someone who will make me feel special again. Thanks for the memories.

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