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The Importance of Supporting Your Buyers

There are 12 ways a seller can build or erode trust with buyers. Each associated action creates a connection or causes a disconnection, and knowing about all 12 Dimensions of Trust empowers a seller who wants strong connections founded in trust. However, not knowing leads to buyer mistrust and seller confusion. On CONNECT2Sell, we've been digging into each dimension individually to help you better connect with buyers.

dimensions of trustLoyalty

“Seller supports others at all times” includes providing what others want and need. As a seller, one powerful way to support buyers is by asking them questions to challenge their assumptions and help them discover alternate ways of addressing their problems.

A transactional order-taker who does not form relationships with buyers is done once the order is placed. But a seller who connects with buyers long term must show genuine interest and support to demonstrate and engender loyalty.

I recently switched hair salons for this very reason. My former stylist supported me by getting me in on short notice, and I enjoyed our conversations about our children and our travels. But I didn’t feel she could “get me to the next level.”

By contrast, my new stylist supported me right from the start. In our initial conversations, she challenged me when I said “I need to spend five minutes or less on styling my hair each morning.” Her challenge was direct, and it made me think. She asked “How’s that been working for you so far?” and “What’s more important – the amount of time or the image you present?”

cover for site 2015By taking time to help me work out my own competing priorities, she supported me in a way my former stylist did not.

Supporting your buyers means you help them through their difficulties and challenges. To support means “to supply with things necessary” and “to provide for.” Your buyers don’t exist to support you. They do business with sellers who can, in some way, support them. DISCOVER Questions give you a tool to support your buyers.

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