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Are You Staying in the Moment during Sales Calls?

Paying attention. Being fully present. Actively listening. Staying in the moment. It matters a lot when you're meeting with a buyer.

staying in the moment

As with any conversation, a seller should stay in the moment. Staying in the moment means paying attention to right here, right now. It means giving full attention to the conversation, the speaker, the setting and the connection.

Staying in the moment is impossible unless a seller eliminates all distractions and focuses completely on the buyer. This includes eliminating intrusive mental distractions about closing the sale, the next appointment, the looming quota, the possible objection the buyer may offer, and so on. It means turning off the cell phone and dedicating time and attention to the buyer (who expects no less).

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Staying in the moment applies for both in-person and telephone meetings. Sellers who meet by phone may be surprised to learn buyers are extremely adept at identifying when a seller is “multi-tasking” instead of focusing on the phone conversation. Even the most mindless occupations like playing an online game during a phone call (yep, some sellers really do that!) prevent a seller from staying in the moment.

Why does staying in the moment matter so much?

In addition to being a professional courtesy and part of a seller’s personal brand, staying in the moment enables a seller to pick up on important clues offered by the buyer.

Distracted sellers miss all sorts of signals. Sometimes buyers’ signals are subtle, like leaning in and paying closer attention. Sometimes the signals are spoken, like a question indicating genuine interest. Sometimes the signals are more in how something is said rather than being in the words themselves – a more serious tone or an enthusiastic response, for example. A seller who is not in the moment could miss all sorts of buyer clues.

Missing buyer clues means missing sales opportunities. Simply dedicating your focus could earn you more sales. That's why staying in the moment matters so much.

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