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Are You Making Enough Time for Your Buyer?

The 12 Dimensions of Trust represent the 12 ways a seller can build or erode trust with buyers. Each associated action creates a connection or causes a disconnection. Knowing about all 12 Dimensions of Trust empowers a seller who wants strong connections founded in trust. Not knowing leads to buyer mistrust and seller confusion.

dimensions of trustAvailability

“Seller makes time for needed conversations and listens without distractions” is a particularly difficult assignment for sellers. In an informal poll of sales trainers and sales managers, the question “why don’t more sellers ask more questions more often?” was answered over and over again with the responses “sellers don’t have time” and “buyers don’t have time.” But by not asking questions, sellers waste considerably more of their own time and the time of buyers as they present off-the-mark solutions and then regroup to make modified proposals and to overcome objections they should have anticipated and avoided.

Asking questions and listening actively to the responses is an investment of time, not a waste of time.

A seller who makes the time to conduct a thorough needs assessment and routinely checks in by asking follow-up questions builds trust and conveys availability and interest in the buyers’ needs. This doesn’t have to be laborious or time consuming. Just a few qualitycover for site 2015 questions can turn every sales call into a trust-building connection.

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