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The New Blueprint for Sales Tactics

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The preferences of buyers are that we begin to do things a little bit beyond the ordinary. Buyers are fatigued with ordinary sales tactics. They’re impatient with ordinary ways of going about prospecting and ordinary ways of conducting a needs assessment. They're bored with the ordinary ways that you handle objections and the ways that you’re challenging them without really being set up properly to do so.

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Buyers want you to be extraordinary … extra ordinary. They're looking for an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. They're looking for something refreshing and surprising, something unexpected.

They want you to be extraordinary and to treat them in ways that are extraordinary. That's how you make extraordinary sales happen! It starts with you and the behavioral choices that you make.

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The CONNECT2Sell Blog has been discontinued as our focus has shifted to leadership at every level. Research with buyers demonstrates that buyers respond favorably when sellers show up as leaders. If you'd like to step into your full potential as a leader (and boost sales!), take a look at our free and affordable courses on